AMX Collaboration

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AMX Collaboration

The Latest News From The Tech Connect Headquarters Is The Collaboration Between Tech Connect And AMX. AMX Is A U.S. Global Hardware Manufacturing Firm And The Idea Here Is To Train And Enrich The Skillsets Of Tech Connect Workers With A Focus On How To Automate The Functioning Of Audio-Video Equipment.

The Problem: The Problem Right Now Is That The AV Equipment–especially Spread In Many Rooms–requires Multiple Switches To Be Switched On. This Also Means Additional Time As The AV Equipment Is Spread Over Significant Area.

The Solution: AMX Works To Automate These Processes, And To Streamline Them Such That The Need For Multiple Switches Is Eliminated.

The Benefit: 1. Saves Manpower 2. Saves The Cost Of Multiple Cables And Remotes 3. Saves Time 4. Convinience

Along With AMX, Tech Connect Will Be Trained In How Best To Expedite And Simplify Our Work So As To Make It Hassle-free.

The Training Modules Shall Be Initiated Before The 15th Of July, 2012. - How to create a stuning and smooth popup in jQuery - How to create a stuning and smooth popup in jQuery


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  2. You have shed a ray of sunhsnie into the forum. Thanks!

  3. Articles like this are an eaxmlpe of quick, helpful answers.

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