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You May Be Extremely  successful As An Individual Contributor But  when You Start Managing People, Trust Me, You Are In For A Nasty Surprise.You Start Enjoying Giving Instructions..but No Work Gets Done.. Excuses Galore…my Comp Gone…I Wrote An Email To X,y,z And Awaiting Response…I Thought You Told Me Do It In A Particular Way…I Am Not Well…work Life Balance..blah..blah…

How Do U Deal With Subordinates And Along With It Manage Your Own Responsibilities?

Ask Yourself This Question  “why Should Anyone Be Anyone’s Boss When All Are Born Equals?“.? I Did Carry Out A Survey Amongst 30 People And All Of Them Or Majority Of Them Came Up With An Answer €HELP“. Definition Of Help Is Bailing Them Out From A Personal Situation, Getting Them An Increment, Promotion, Problem Solving, Connecting Them With Right Set Of People Etc.. If You Can Not Help You Have No Role To Play As A Boss. Gone Are The Days When People Would Carry Out Instructions Because You Are The Designated “BOSS”. People Are Looking Forward To Natural Leadership Not Designated Leadership.

How Do You Differentiate Yourselves From Your Subordinate? Is That Your Knowledge? Commitment? Problem Solving Skills? Networking Skills? You Need To Continuously Push Yourself To Be Ahead Of Your Subordinate And Be Subtle About It.. Remember You Are not Competingwith Them But Getting Yourself Ready To Help Them When The Situation Demands.. You Are Like A Senior Surgeon Supervising/helping The Junior Doctor..

Give Clear Responsibility And Hold Them Accountable For The Outcome With Timelines Clearly Defined..Dont Be Very Pushy About The Timelines..let Your Subordinate Decide The Timeline To Start With.. It Has To Be His/her Baby……u R Only Interested In The Outcome..every One Has Their Style Of Working…Dont Get Into Discussing The Effort And Method  unless There Is An Issue With Outcome…Give Them Enough Space To Operate..dont Offer Advise Unless Asked For ..Do Remember To Review Post Timeline..Dont Step In Before The Timeline And Breath Down Their Neck..allow Them To Fail And Show Them How To Be Succesful By Demonstarting/ Doing It Yourself..that Way You Will Gain The Confidence Of The Candidate..

I Know We All Have Anxiety Whether The Person Is Going In The Right Direction…to Address This And Understand A Person Well I Suggest You Give Them A Small Tasks Which Require Less Time And Understand The Person’s Thought Process And Capabilities..that Way You Would Get A Chance To Gauze A Person Quickly Before You Move Him/her Onto Much Serious Roles…

Just Like Any Relationship, Boss And Subordinate Relationship Takes Time To Mature..dont Be In A Only Wait For The Opportunities To Help And Gain The Confidence Of People..just Stay Equipped And Preare Yourself To Help €bang On ..u Will Be The BOSS


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  2. That’s a sharp way of thniikng about it.

  3. Posts like this make the internet such a tareusre trove

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