TelePresence powers the new way of working, where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration. Tech Connect expertise in this domain offers the most life-like meeting experiences  and enable incredibly productive collaborative sessions for  all industry sectors and verticals.

It’s not just video conferencing, TelePresence systems & solutions redefine the complete virtual meeting experience. From the simplicity of starting a meeting to the sensation of being at the same table, TelePresence is like holding a real one-to-one meeting.

Tech Connect offers TelePresence solutions that are  fully scalable and manageable. While designing and implementing these solutions we bear 3 thing in mind:

  • It should be Immersive – the complete room equipment  from lighting to displays should come together to offer a feeling of the meeting being held  in the same room.
  • It should be Simple – starting a real meeting is a very simple affair and so should a virtual one be. The collaboration equipment delivers a high quality of  presentation capabilities and simple controls built right into the table.
  • It should be accessible by Everyone – The solution should focus on uniformity and eliminating of differences caused by dissimilar equipment, multi-vendor systems and functional complexity so that colleagues, customers and partners can communicate with total ease.