Tech Connect’s Telemedicine solutions are an effective way to provide speciality healthcare at reduced cost to rural and remote locations . Our Telemedicine solutions enable doctors to perform extra-ordinary patient-doctor interactions. These solutions and initiatives are advancing the health of individuals and communities alike.

Telemedicine facilitates both clinical and non-clinical services such as medical education, administration, and research. It has many advantages and benefits like –

  • Increasing patient access to specialists and improve level of care
  • Extending patient care and expertise to remote areas
  • Controlling and reducing medical costs
  • Saves time, travel and related expenses for patients and doctors alike
  • Accuracy of diagnosis / reduction of medical errors due availability of many specialised opinions

Key Applications

  • Tele-consultation, Tele-diagnosis and Tele-treatment
  • Tele-education and Tele-training for continuing medical education, training for doctors & paramedics from a higher level hospital/institution
  • Tele-diagnosis for sharing diagnostic reports like ECG’s, CT, MR, PET/CT, SPECT/CT etc from diagnostic labs to hospitals and doctors
  • Tele-psychiatry for patients residing in underserved areas to access psychiatric services
  • Telepharmacy for providing pharmaceutical care to the patients at remote locations where they may not have physical contact with pharmacists
  • Tele-monitoring for regular monitoring for intensive care & emergency care
  • Tele-support during disasters and epidemics