Video Wall

Video Wall

Tech Connect delivers professional Video Wall solutions with the purpose of maximizing customer impact for business. Tech Connect’s complete solution portfolio of high-quality Video Wall modules encompasses a very wide range of different sizes, resolutions and projection technologies. Our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure you get the most out of your Video Wall.

Tech Connect’s Video Wall display solutions focus on reliability and flexibility. Our Video Wall solutions offer highly customized tile layouts, greater screen area per unit cost, and greater pixel density per unit cost.

The innovative Video Wall solutions provide an incredible visual experience for anyone who comes across the display. Advertisements, information and broadcast video are in sync with the target needs, while picture quality and performance is enhanced by the display technology.

Key Applications:

  • Retail Signage - for branding, broadcasting, media & entertainment, digital cinema, events, out-of-home advertising and mass communication
  • Rental/Staging - Offering extremely high-quality, low latency image processing, Tech Connect’s Video Wall solutions bring excellent image quality to LED screens and with particular focus on the rental and staging markets, which use large video walls, often on location or in architecturally stunning settings.
  • Events – Tech Connect’s Video Wall solutions make a high-powered impact at the events.
  • Trade Fairs - For corporate communications, information, corporate AV, teleconferencing, internal communications, marketing, trade shows
  • Leisure & Entertainment – For Education, Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Sports Events, stadiums, Live events