To realize and maintain a high level of excellence, leading healthcare facilities are incorporating audio, video, and control as part of a successful strategy to reduce costs while continuing to deliver high quality care.

Tech Connect recognizes the potential that Audio Visual technologies have been impacting healthcare across a variety of applications.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities are using Projection Systems, TelePresence and Digital Signage networks to expand resources, reach more patients, and provide better care.  AV technologies allow employees, patients and doctors to better communicate, collaborate and improve healthcare options – all while saving time and money.

We also understand that solution flexibility is critical and that’s why Tech Connect provides a broad portfolio of solutions with medical grade electronic equipment from many of the top ProAV manufacturers in the industry.

Techconnect offers the best Collaboration solutions for Healthcare providers to increase the level of patient care and improve delivery of treatment.

We are connecting doctors with patients, clinicians with hospitals and specialists with medical centers across locations. Techconnect is breaking down distance barriers and facilitating communication between patients, practitioners, specialists, and healthcare administrators by utilizing collaborative voice and video solutions.

From a simple two video systems to a complex communication network , Techconnect offers the complete gamut of solutions and services. Whether managing a large urban hospital or a small rural facility, our Collaboration Solutions are successfully addressing a host of medical and healthcare industry challenges.

Solutions Offered:

  • TelePresence
  • Digital Signage
  • Recording & Archiving
  • Command & Control

Our Video Conferencing and Telemedicine solutions are :

  • Increasing patient access to specialists and improve level of care
  • Allowing hospital staff, clinicians and the community to be effectively trained and educated
  • Extending patient care and expertise to remote areas
  • Improve patient care with mobility solutions
  • Controlling costs