Banking & Finance

Every day, Tech Connect is enabling Banking & Financial managers across the globe discuss investment opportunities and future financial trends. Our Collaboration Solutions are assisting banks to deploy visual communication strategies — from the local branch to the back offices. With the aid of video solutions financial services companies are able to share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations.

Our advance collaborative communication technology enables a higher level of customer service, spawn interactive kiosks, aid in new  product training and facilitate faster time to market. Our communication solutions are allowing :

  • Bank branches to communicate more effectively to increase customer service  levels.
  • Launch new financial products more quickly to a larger audience.
  • Conduct new product training or market trend analysis remotely.
  • Improved decision making and transaction quality, including real-time dissemination of market developments
  • Reduce costs (including reduction in travel expenses) and increase operating margins through faster decision-making, responsiveness and improved productivity
  • Conduct live morning calls between clients, brokers and traders to discuss market  research and other relevant information