Vision, Mission & Values


“To be a leader in providing end-to-end solutions that transform the way people Connect, leading to a better world.”


“Our mission is to be amongst the top two collaboration solutions providers in India by 2014-15, helping Enterprises collaborate better making them realize their full potential.”


As an organization we commit ourselves to CONECTS to guide our decisions and behavior within and outside the organization:

C: Commitment – Unfaltering Endeavor to meet and exceed expectations.
O: Open-minded – Sincere and open in all our transactions.
N: Nurture – Build long-lasting relationships on the foundations of fairness, dignity and trust.
E: Empower – The courage to shape a better future and culture where equality is encouraged.
C: Capable – A workforce that is well equipped to deal with challenges.
T: Teamwork – Cohesive work leading to better outcomes.
S: Success – Results oriented.