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TelePresence and Micropresence

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TelePresence, Micropresence, and Telerobotics hold promise for allowing expert physicians to assist clinicians and surgeons at remote locations. Telepresence allows a physician to have access to a distant location through static or full-perspective views of a patient. High fidelity TelePresence allows a remote location or scene to be inspected from different perspectives via a procedure of moving distant cameras in concert with the head and gaze positions of a local observer. Telerobotics allows the telepresent clinician to interact with a distant patient. Simple forms of TelePresence...

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Video Conferencing Success Depends on Corporate Engagement

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There generally is a significant difference between the way things work “on paper” – in other words, the most positive implementation in which every pass is a touchdown – and real life, with its mix of touchdowns and interceptions. A study done by the Interior Department’s inspector general points out that the real world of Video Conferencing is far different than the one portrayed by marketers. Indeed, few telecommunications disciplines have as high an upside as desktop and room Video Conferencing and its cousin, TelePresence. These tools reduce the cost...

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